I have been deeply blessed by Prophetess Janet Crews and her ministry.  On several occasions I have had the opportunity to attend her meetings.  She presents herself with excellence in ministry.  Everything is done by the book ... I mean by THE BOOK, the Bible!  Character is displayed, honor and respect for the hosting pastor - you name it!  She wants so much to be in God's perfect will ... it's obvious!  And when Prophetess Janet ministers prophetically, it is with total abandon.  Whatever it is that God wants, whatever He wants to say, or to do ... she is "His instrument" - period!  With the same commitment, and total disregard for self or what people might think that David had when he honored God as he danced before the Lord, she "gives in" to the Holy Spirit in her ministering, and the presence of the Holy Spirit begins to move!  I once received a prophecy, personally, from her during one of her meetings, and it was so "right on"!  Something that I had been praying about for some time ... God just "used her" and ministered to me on-the-spot! 
As one minister to another, I'd welcome her in my pulpit any day! Furthermore, I'd minister with her in a conference, without hesitation.  She "is" all about excellence of ministry, and that in my book, is what it's all about - serving God with your very best!

Pastor Rich -
Spirit of Truth Ministries, Int'l.
I have been particularly impacted by Janet's ministry; first through the annointed dance workshop at my church. Her presence opened the door to a greater level of annointing in the Praise Dance Ministry and for this, I say thank you.
The sound of her prophetic voice, the accuracies of her prophecies, and the timely precision resonates, distinguishes and qualifies you as a modern day prophetic vessel in my spiritual opinion. Thank you for your obedience to the call. I know that many lives would be impacted positively by your Ministry.

Sukky Fagbohun
Karen and I have had the privilege of working alongside Janet as she ministers prophetically in Word and dance and we have first hand received prophetic words that have changed our lives! Not only does Janet operate in the Gifts of the Spirit corporately, but she also has wise council as from the Lord. We are blessed to let her speak into our lives as the Lord leads but more importantly we consider her our friend!
Steve & Karen Ashley
God's Heart Ministries
& www.IneverFeltSoZoGood.com
A N E T  C R E W S
Janet Crews is a "cutting edge" Prophet for the new generation of the Elijah company.  Prophet Janet is one of many prophets called to 'make ready a people prepared for the Lord' according to Luke 1: 16-17. 
She is a forerunner and pioneer to many in the body of Christ. The Apostle anointing is also upon her life, for she is mentoring others in their ministry call.  As a Prophet to the nations, Janet has traveled nationally and internationally and she is no stranger to TV or Radio either. 
Miracles, signs, and wonders follow her ministry but all for the glory of God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit she is being used to activate hundreds of others to release an impartation of the prophetic.
Janet is also a prophetic dancer, and as such ushers in the glory of God through her dance before the Lord.  Her Apostolic annointing helps her mentor many in the prophetic dance.
I have known Janet for some time now and as one of her mentors, I am very honored to write this forward about her and her ministry. She's a powerful anointed prophet and upcoming Aposle of God. She is a woman of integrity. Truly she is in God's divine order. I know she would say with me, "to God be all the glory". 

Apostle/Prophet Rosie Hernandez
Rosie Hernandez Prophetic Ministries

  FOREWARD by Apostle/Prophet Rosie Hernandez
My name is Donna Stevens, the Director of Expressive Worship at Victory Fellowship in Little Rock, AR.  I first met Janet Crews in 2003 at a worship seminar in Florida given by Judy Laird.  Judy had asked our dance troop, “The Deborah Company”, to minister in dance at that seminar.  Janet was there also and came up to me, introduced herself and asked if there was anything she could do to help.  I said ‘no’ but immediately loved her spirit and attitude.  She never told me “who” she was or that she was well established in her own church as the leader of a dance troop, but rather just said if she could do anything for us to let her know.

It wasn’t until she was asked later that day by Judy Laird to come up and minister a signing dance that I understood who this woman of God was.  She danced to “I Can Only Imagine” and the anointing on her absolutely blew me away!  From then on and for the rest of the seminar, she ministered right along side of our troop to the people.  She prayed and prophesied with such fervency and assurance.  She blessed my heart and made a deep impression on me and on the members of our troop and I felt a bond with her like no other.

Months later, “The Deborah Company” began to go through some difficult times.  There had been an undercurrent for some time, but now it was beginning to come out in the open.  I had talked with the girl, cried out to God, and even told God than if He would release me I would throw in the towel!!  That’s how discouraged I had become.  Every time I would cry out to God or even think of the trouble in the troop, Janet Crews’s name would come up in my mind and heart.  This went on for weeks and weeks.

So out of desperation, I went to the Pastor/Elders of my church and asked if we could please bring Janet in for a week-end for the troop sake to see if she could help get us back on track.  Long story short – Janet came.  She spent time teaching, and ministering to each one of us individually.  It was wonderful!  We had old wounds healed, relationships repaired, and the anointing returned!  Over the next few years God began to make changes in the troop, and removed people that didn't need to be there, thus, making the unity solid again.  What a blessing Janet was then and still is now.  I will forever be grateful to the Lord for bringing her into my life and to Janet of being obedient to the Lord to come to a small church in Arkansas to help out a troop in trouble.

Thank you, Janet, and may God continue to richly bless you, your family and your ministry. Your Sister in Christ.....

Donna Stevens
Victory Fellowship
The Deborah Company
Little Rock, AR

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Several years ago Janet gave me a word that I was going on big ship and that it would paid for. Within a few months someone bought my wife and I a cruise ticket. I really don’t think it would have happened if not for that prophetic word being spoken over my life. The church needs prophets like this. Fresh words of encouragement and clear definition of new strategies. Janet crews is not only bold enough to declare those kinds of words but she is humble enough to be used by the Holy Spirit in such a way where you only see Jesus.  

As a pastor I find her respectful of the church, mindful of our leadership and always uplifting to the congregation. She’s the real deal and a joy to be around. Thank you Janet for the difference you make and the for the way The Father is glorified through you

Troy Brewer
Senior Pastor of Open Door Ministries
Joshua Texas

*NOTE: Pastor Troy is also a well known author of several books and
writes a weekly newspaper column called, "Fresh from the Brewer."
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